Welcome and Blessings to all! Thank you for arriving here, and  I hope you enjoy my music and blog. Music is the one thing we all have in common, it is our hope for things to come, our cry out to right all the wrongs, our comfort on a cellular level

I pray you feel these things when you hear my songs. I look forward to knowing you as well!   One Love.  Ione

Stay tuned for my upcoming Podcast, which will be live in a about a month

I will speaking with other local and international artists on many topics, including Spirituality, Music, Healing, Social Issues, and much more

Welcome to everyone🧡

Blessed Love! I pray you all are Irie and good🧡
Sharing link for my new album. I thank Jah above all and my worldwide family🧡
Give Thanks and enjoy🦋💯🎶🧡