For more than 20 years, Ione Angeles has graced the Reggae scene. While living and teaching school in Jamaica in the 1990s, Ione met Legendary Soul Syndicate drummer Max Edwards. Together, they formed the band TENGEH and moved to Europe. Over the next ten years, they recorded two albums, Tengeh in 1995, and Ascension 2012 in 1998 and toured the continent. After parting ways, Ione returned to the United States and became a solo artist. She has recorded and performed with numerous artists and bands. Past shows include:

● Sumfest – JA

● House of Blues – San Diego, CA

● KUSI channel 8 – San Diego, CA

● Borders and Barnes and Noble CD Tour across The States 

● Cutting Edge Music Conference – New Orleans

● Reggae on the Pier – CA

● Many more

Recent shows include: 

● Opening for Frankie Paul – Oakland, CA

● The Fully Fullwood Band – Huntington Beach, CA

● Monterey Bay Reggae Fest 2013

● Ashkenaz 2013 w/ RaggaLox

● Weber Point Reggae Fest August 20th 2016 

In addition to live performances, Ione has recorded with Pato Banton, Fully Fullwood, Half Pint, Shaka Man, and Stamina Allstars. 

While remaining faithful to Reggae rhythm, Ione adds her own style to all kinds of songs, from spiritual, to political, to fun. With smooth vocal stylings and excellent songwriting, her music appeals to people of all ages and backgrounds. “Music is the ultimate way to share the messages of hope, unity, and love. Although we are not the same, we are always equal! The vehicle of Reggae Music is the most joyful way to express this”.